Selmer USA Bass Clarinet Rental w Option to Purchase

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$79.95 per Month

Selmer Student Bass Clarinet Rental

An excellent Bass Clarinet choice for students.

$79.95 per Month - Choose your Upfront Rental Option

***Save on shipping and more with the larger upfront rental blocks.

  • Option 1: 3 Months Upfront
  • Option to Purchase Included
  • $59.95 Shipping
  • $299.80 Total @ Checkout +
  • $300 Refundable Deposit
  • Option 2: 6 Months Upfront
  • Option to Purchase Included
  • $19.95 - Discounted Shipping
  • $499.65 Total @ Checkout
  • $100 Refundable Deposit
  • Option 3: 9 Months Upfront
  • Option to Purchase Included
  • Free Shipping & Free Month
  • $639.60 Total @ Checkout
Selmer 1430 USA Bass Clarinet Rental

Selmer USA Bass Clarinet Description: Selmer 1430 USA Bass Clarinet Bass Clarinet is ideal for the beginning or intermediate bass clarinet player. It features a ABS Resin Body, Nickel-Silver Plated Bell, Blue-Steel Springs, Floor-Peg, and it produces an even-blowing scale throughout its range. Its dark, rich sound blends well with any ensemble. The body is built in two parts to ensure ease of repair should any need arise in the future to work on the individual parts of the instrument. This instrument has a resonance exceeding most of the alternate choices in this range of instruments. Select from 3, 6 or 9 month rental options. Rental goes to monthly billing at the end of the upfront rental period you select and you may return at anytime. There is a purchase option with every rental which allows you to apply up to a specific amount of paid rental fees toward the purchase of your instrument. There are economical advantages to paying for a larger block upfront and those options and discounts may be reviewed above. We can ship your Bass Carinet  Rental anywhere in the Continental USA!Order Online Now.

Renting a Bass Clarinet is Easy at

Welcome to the Bass Clarinet Page.  Our bass clarinets ship fully serviced and ready to play.  Simply browse our selection of bass clarinet rentals, select the upfront rental period you wish to begin with, and complete checkout. We ship bass clarinets nationwide to all continental USA locations. Tracking for your shipment will be provided so you will know when it is going to arrive. Our rentals include insurance without additional charge and include all the basic accessories you need to begin your musical journey as well as care items to maintain your instrument. Rent a Bass Clarinet today at!

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Nationwide Continental USA Shipping ships nationwide to all 48 continental US states. Tracking will be provided for your order as well as an estimated delivery date. Our delivery average is 2-4 business days.

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Accessories included.

Our instrument rentals arrive with all the basic accessories and care items you need to begin and maintain your musical instrument rental. Reeds, mouthpieces, strap, case and maintenance kit included.

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Repairs are covered.

We service our instruments in-house. Basic normal operation repairs are always covered. We typically handle repairs as an advance exchange/replacement. We send your out a fresh, serviced replacement along with a tag to return your current instrument. This keeps you playing more, and waiting less.

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Insurance Included.

We include basic insurance coverage with most of our "rentals". No upcharge or added fees. This covers theft, fire or accidental damage occurence to the instrument.

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