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Terms of Service, Automated Billing & Rental Agreement

*Specifics, such as rental fees and buyout prices will be displayed at checkout in the checkout summary. Viewable by clicking on the rent now button for the option and instrument you are reviewing.

Rental with Option To Purchase Contract, Terms of Service & Automated Monthly Billing Agreement:
Upfront Rental Period: As selected with this plan. Monthly rental after the upfront rental period. You may return and discontinue rental at anytime. Rental fees are non- refundable and not pro-rated. If returned early no portion of the upfront rental period will be refunded.
Monthly Rental Fee: As stated on the web page and in the checkout summary for the specific model ordered.
Optional Buyout/Purchase Price: Optional purchase price as stated in the checkout summary for the specific model ordered.
Purchase Option: You may purchase this instrument and apply up to a specified amount of paid monthly rental fees toward the optional purchase price. As stated in checkout summary for the specific model ordered. You may check your current buyout total at anytime via the Request Your Buyout Total Link via the site links portion of our website. This is a rental contract and shall remain so until you engage your option to purchase. Rental fees beyond the stated equity applicable amount are considered rental fees and will not be applicable toward optional buyout/purchase. Your paid equity will be retained in your account until you elect to use your option to purchase or the rental instrument is returned and the rental account is closed.
Automated Recurring Billing Authorization: Once your upfront rental period approaches expiration your account will automatically move to monthly rental. The credit card you used for your initial upfront rental will be charged approximately 14 days prior to your due date. The actual date/day we attempt to charge your monthly rental fee may differ slightly month to month but will be within the 10 - 14 day pre-due date timeframe. If your rental is returned within 5 days of your actual due date we will credit that rental fee back to your account on your account closing invoice. You are responsible to maintain a valid credit card with current expiration date on file with us for billing purposes. You may update and change the credit card on file at anytime via the site links portion of our website menu or by calling us directly at 888-890-0524. Any credit card provided for billing purposes may be used without notice to clear rental fees, past due fees, late fees and fees that may remain due after return. JST Mailhouse, Inc. will not be liable for any overdraft, late, over limit or any other fees incurred to the credit or debit (bank) card provided for billing of your instrument rental or associated fees.
Billing Information: You are responsible to maintain a valid credit card with current expiration date on file with us for billing purposes. We may default any rental account that fails to provide a billing update within 7 days of e-mail notice. Any credit card provided for billing purposes may be used without notice to clear rental fees, past due fees, late fees and fees at anytime. - JST Mail House, Inc. will not be liable for any overdraft, late, over limit or any other fees incurred to the credit or debit (bank) card provided for billing of your instrument rental or associated fees.
Late Fee: A late fee of $15 will be added to your account if we are unable to charge your rental fee by the due date. In the event of credit card decline notice will be sent via e-mail, this will also be noted on the e-mailed invoice we send you monthly. In event of decline we will continue to attempt to charge your rental fee until it is successfully processed. It is your responsibility to monitor your invoices and notices in regard to your account status. We will not be responsible for undelivered e-mail notices. You should add our e-mail addresses to your e-mail address book to avoid spam filtering. You are responsible to know your due date and keep your account current at all times.
Contact Information: You agree to maintain valid contact, phone, email address and physical address information and maintain a valid CC with available line of credit for monthly fees to be successfully processed. Failure to provide or comply with requests for updated contact or billing information may result in default of your rental privelages and a demand for return of the rental instrument.
Default: Accounts over 30 days past due will be considered in default of this rental contract.
Default Reinstatement: In the case of account default, you may cure said default up to 14 days from the date of default. A default reinstatement fee of $25 will be applied upon approved reinstatement of the rental account.
Insurance Coverage: Accidental Damage or Loss Due to Fire or Residence Theft as the result of forced home/residence entry will be covered by JST Mailhouse, Inc. provided it is reported to us within 48 hours of occurrence accompanied by the required department report. We will not cover theft from a vehicle, school band room or school property (or oops, we lost it). We will require a filed police or fire departmental report for any theft or fire related claim. We will not accept school or campus police reports. We will not cover any loss or damage that we find to be due to malicious intent or neglect of care for the instrument or instrument finish. You are expected to care and maintain our rental property to a reasonable level while in your possession.
Repair Service: We cover repair or service to this instrument provided the instrument is returned to us for service. We typically handle a request for service as a replacement. We ship out a replacement along with a prepaid shipping tag for return of the service instrument. This is often the fastest and most convenient way to handle service or repair for our customers. You may also return your specific rental to us for service if you prefer and we will service and return. Shipping will be charged in the event of service or exchange. You may also elect to have your instrument serviced locally by a qualified repair technician at your own cost. Cases and "accessories" are considered "wear items" and will be replaced "at cost" upon request..
Ownership: Until actual ownership is acquired by means of optional buyout & fulfillment of this contract it shall remain a rental agreement and the instrument shall remain the property of JST Mailhouse, Inc..
Return: In the event you elect to return your rental, you shall be responsible for the cost of safe, insured return of the rental property. The name on the rental account must be filled in on the return form which you may find at the site links portion of our website. You should retain tracking and proof of delivery for your records in the event of dispute. Fees may be charged for excessive wear and tear or cosmetic damage on a returned instrument. If a rental is returned within 5 days of the actual due date, the current months paid rental fee will be refunded as a credit on your final closing invoice. Upfront rental fees are non-refundable.
Refundable Deposits: Some options on certain models may require a refundable deposit. This would be stated on the page with the option you are reviewng as well as in the checkout summary. Deposits are simply reserved as security until your rental is returned in proper condition or may be applied toward your option to purchase. 
Collection: Accounts that become 30 days past due will be considered in default and forwarded to an outside collection agent. All equity payments will be considered void and will not apply toward the contract cost of the instrument in the event of account default. Rental fees will continue to accrue until the instrument has been returned. We will seek all rental fees, late fees, attorney, collection and court fees. If the instrument has not been returned we may also seek collection of the full contract price of the instrument as well as any applicable theft of rental complaints.
Refunds: No Refunds. Upfront Rental Period Fees are non-refundable. All rental fees are non refundable with the exception of your final monthly (most recent if on month to month billing) rental fee which will be refunded if your return is received at our facility within 5 days of the actual due date.
Electronic Signature and Agreement: Completing checkout will serve as your electronic signature for this contract. You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age. Completing checkout indicates you agree to these terms as stated here and at our website on this date (date of checkout on this invoice) as a legally binding rental contract between you (billing name/party) as provided at checkout and - (JST Mailhouse, Inc.) Ref:(MRC212.17)

Renting an Instrument is Easy at

MusicRentalCentral offers a growing selection of musical band instruments for todays student. Our instruments ship fully serviced and ready to play. Simply browse our selection of instrument rentals, select the upfront rental period you wish to begin with, and complete checkout. We ship instruments nationwide to all continental USA locations. Tracking for your shipment will be provided so you will know when it is going to arrive.  Our rentals include insurance without additional charge and include all the basic accessories you need to begin your musical journey as well as care items to maintain your instrument. We rent bartiones, tubas, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, violins, cellos, drums, guitar and an ever growing list of musical instruments. All of our rentals include an option to purchase.

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Nationwide Continental USA Shipping ships nationwide to all 48 continental US states. Tracking will be provided for your order as well as an estimated delivery date. Our delivery average is 2-4 business days.

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Accessories included.

Our instrument rentals arrive with all the basic accessories and care items you need to begin and maintain your musical instrument rental. Reeds, mouthpieces, strap, case and maintenance kit included.

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Repairs are covered.

We service our instruments in-house. Basic normal operation repairs are always covered. We typically handle repairs as an advance exchange/replacement. We send your out a fresh, serviced replacement along with a tag to return your current instrument. This keeps you playing more, and waiting less.

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Insurance Included.

We include basic insurance coverage with most of our "rentals". No upcharge or added fees. This covers theft, fire or accidental damage occurence to the instrument.

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