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 Rental Return Form
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Vacation Notice - Closed 12/16-12/27 UPS/FedEX/USPS will hold for 12/28 Delivery

Include this form inside the case with your return. Save your tracking information.
Thank you for renting with us, we greatly appreciate your business and hope you have found our service to be of excellent quality. 
Please return via UPS or FED EX Ground so you may obtain tracking and proof of delivery. You are responsible for safe insured return of the instrument. Your rental instrument should be boxed and well packaged as it was shipped to you.
* If you are returning, and planning on re-renting for school, please note, once returned, all equity and exchange options are lost and must be renewed as a new rental when re-renting.  Thanks again! We have truly appreciated your business.
 Any previously unreported damage may result in a additional fees on return if the product requires any form of major repair or case replacement. All rentals as stated in your original checkout agreement will be assessed a reconditioning fee. If your rental is returned within 5 days of your due date we will refund the current month as a credit on your closing invoice.  Click here to use our premium return service.
Please Print, Fill out and place this form in the Instrument Case with your return for proper processing.

E-Mail Address:                                                           
Your Name:

Our Shipping Address:
* (Please note 58 Summit View Dr. Tamworth, NH 03886. is Correct for UPS & FED EX. It is a Valid Address. You may be told different by UPS or Fed Ex, simply inform them it is a valid address and UPS and FED EX are here every day. There are no additional costs to ship to us and we have no issues receiving returns. The address is correct though due to the fact that our address is located on a private road it is not in the USPS Postal Database as the post office does not deliver to our property and UPS and Fed Ex use, you guessed it, the USPS database for addresses. This is a common issue for parties located on privatley owned roads. Simply assure them the address is correct and valid.) POSTAL RETURNS - THE POST OFFICE DOES NOT DELIVER TO OUR PRIVATE ROAD LOCATION.  If you must return via the postal service use and insert PO Box 437 into the address. Postal returns will be checked in via the date we claim the package, not the date its left at the Post Office. ***We do not recommend postal return of your instrument.

58 Summit View Dr.             
Tamworth, NH 03886