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Open Hole Flute: Woodwind Instrument

Open Hole Flute Description: Open Hole Flutes are the next step after a student learns to play on a closed hole model. Typically a student will progress from a closed hole flute to an open hold flute with the same C-Foot configuration as the closed hole model. Then onto a B-Foot Open hole flute which has the extra key on the flute foot. Select from 3, 6 or 9 month rental options. Rental goes to monthly billing at the end of the up front rental period you select and you may return at anytime. There is a purchase option with every rental which allows you to apply up to a specific amount of paid rental fees toward the purchase of your instrument. There are economical advantages to paying for a larger block up front and those options can be reviewed on the options page for the oboe you select. Insurance and repair coverage is included. We can ship your Alto Flute Rental anywhere in the USA! Ordering Online Now!                Click Here to Play a Flute Sound Sample., Musical 
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