Marinelli Pro Style Trumpet Rent-To-Own Options - Brand New Trumpet

Marinelli Pro Style Rent-To-Own Trumpet - Brand New

Strad Rent-To-Own Trumpet

Rent-To-Own - New

Option: 24 Month Rent-To-Own

  • First 4 Months Upfront.
  • $49.95 per month.
  • 24 Payments Total (First 4 Months Upfront + 20 Monthly Payments to Own)
  • No Obligation - You May Discontinue and Return Anytime
  • Repair Coverage Included.
  • Brand New Trumpet
  • Trumpet Care Kit Included
  • Easy Approval - Order Now!
  • $24.95 S&H
  • Total at Checkout: $224.75

24 Total Payments of $49.95 = $1198.80

Marinelli Pro Strad Style Trumpet: Brass Instrument

Marinelli Pro Strad Style Trumpet Description: Trumpet Specs: Key of Bb, Heavy Duty Body, Monel Pistons, Silver Plated Bell, Brass w Lacguer Finish, Thumb Slide & Water Key, Adjustable Slide Stop Accessories: Deluxe Plush Trumpet Case & Mouthpiece The Marinelli Pro Strad Style is a cut above. You will feel and hear the difference with this well built trumpet. Great high end trumpet features make this a top choice. Styled after the popular Stradivarius Trumpet. Obviously not a Professional Trumpet, but a great alternative to Professional Trumpets that can cost many thousands of dollars. We also include a 3 Year Warranty with purchase. Rent-To-Own Plan: 24 Months. We can ship your Trumpet anywhere in the USA!  Order Online Now.      Click Here to Play an Trumpet Sound Sample., Musical 
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