Damage Loss Insurance Coverage

Instrument Damage and Loss Coverage is included with some of our rental instruments.

Marching instruments and some of our more expensive rentals include only limited coverage.

On covered items, we will cover the repairs on accidental damage and we will cover loss due to theft or fire with an applicable police or fire departmental report.

All deposits will be forfieted in the event of theft or fire loss.

Replacement - Provided we allow a replacement, it must be ordered as a new rental through the web site. We may decline any order at our discretion.

We must be notified by email of any theft, fire or damage issues within 48 hours of said occurrence regardless of coverage type.

and be provided with any required departmental reports within 7 days of said occurrence. You should be sure to recevie a response.

We suggest you both e-mail and call us directly in the event of a damage or loss issue.

Straight Rent-To-Own programs for new instruments include repair coverage but not insurance.

Instruments returned damaged without prior notification of a covered or uncovered accidental damage issue may be charged for repair or replacement without notification.

Instrument case damage is NOT covered and will be replaced at cost plus shipping should you require case replacement.

Accessories such as bows, care kit items and basic mouthpieces are replaced at cost + shipping.

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